Hell's Angel

Falling in love
With you
Excites me
Not for the man
You are perceived
To be
But the man you are
With me
The unexpected tender one
Who ignites and inspires me
To be a better
Lover, mother and friend
A patient parent
When seeking wisdom
And understanding
A man with whom I can lay
Unafraid to slumber deep
In his arms
One open and willing
To the newness
Of an experience loving me
A man protective of family
And treats his friends like kin
One passionate
In his pursuit of knowledge
And a life worthy of record in
The hearts of men
Whose love for God
Gives me faith that
Righteous men still exist
Ur walk on that thin line
Between hellion and saint
Makes the angels understand
Our humanity.

All Rights Reserved Copyright 2009 Tanefa Wallace