I went on this website where I buy hair products from _ would give them some love but they pissed me off a bit right at this moment and there was an article that they posted about Michelle Obama basically saying why doesn't she sport an afro and if she doesn't have a natural hairstyle what does that say about her politics. I was livid. I think we are all the same inside whether or not we straighten our hair or not!

Greetings all,

Let me say first and foremost, that America is hardly ready for a half-Black man to be president, much less for his wife to sport an afro. The universe will dictate what will happen and ready or not we may have a Black president in spite of the bigotry that still resides here in this country.

His wife is a Lawyer and I believe a successful litigator at that so more than likely she would not wear an afro anyway. Despite the fact that she is successful and Black (and dark skinned, full-lipped and wide-nosed) she is still asked to prove her Blackness here with the attempts to make her seem like a sell out for not having a natural hairstyle. THAT IS RIDICULOUS!

In the India Irie song "I Am Not My Hair" that was quoted in the article, India also makes note of the fact that you can have a relaxer ala Oprah Winfrey its not what's on your head its what's underneath it! So please don't insult our intelligence by suggesting that because she is not "curly" she is not politically for those who are. It not only does not make sense; it is hype and propaganda that is negative unnecessarily.

And for your information several of the artists you mentioned do not relax their hair - it would be damaged beyond repair if they did so they are for the most part natural and wear it flat ironed and curled. Even Tyra - ever see her out on the town sporting her kinky cornrows?? As well as Queen Latifah! How do we know how Michelle wears her hair when she is not in front of the cameras? Is it our business to know? Has anyone asked her? DOES IT EVEN MATTER?????

I went natural because I wouldn't have to compromise the integrity of my God given texture if I wanted it to be straight or if I wanted it to be *kinky*nappy*curly* or whatever it chooses to be. I wanted flexibility and to show my daughter that she can wear her ANYWAY SHE WANTS TO. I think we should give Michelle Obama that same choice.

Peace and Blessings


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