Herd Alert

Okay so I was trying to buy some shampoo and uncovered the fact that the parabens in almost EVERYTHING we put on our bodies interacts with our bloodstream in a way that mimics estrogen. Now that doesn't sound scary but in fact it is...

It can cause young boys to grow breasts, an outward symptom, but what is it doing hormonally to their developing brain is what is scary! We have NO IDEA is the answer to that question. We also have no idea what it does to young developing girls, it can't be good and it is most definitely connected to the increase of cancers. So why does the FDA allow it you ask? Well money is the answer to that question.

The age old adage - "money is the root of all evil" sits squarely on the backs of the American government and their refusal to protect us from those who would profit from our demise whether they intentionally cause it or not.

I am not saying that these companies intentionally create products that they KNOW will hurt mankind or those of us ignorant to the fact that they are harmful, but I will say that they are unconcerned with the outcome of their products usage. Their focus is and always will be the bottom line - money. The kick backs they give the FDA and other parts of the government (lobbyists, etc...) make it so the government turns a blind eye to what is happening.

I keep hearing about "the herd" the government mandates all kids (except those with medical or religious reasons - go figure!) get immunized because it is what's best for "the herd" even though it can cause autism and severe allergic reactions due to the mercury and other ingredients (mercury has been removed from most of the them) which make infants fragile systems turn on itself.

I say "the herd" better get wise real quick and watch what they eat; fruit & veggies, rub on themselves; deodorant, lotions, soap, shampoo, shaving cream, spray in the air; air 'fresheners', cleaners, wash clothes with etc....

The poisons abound and are getting more and more insidious so for our bodies to get rid on the toxins is almost impossible.