Reeboks - Classic 80's Style

I was just on Afrobella's site and she had me reminiscent of my childhood in Harlem (part two of my adolescence) She saw these advertised and was OPEN she had me thinking back to the days in J.H. 43 back in Manhattanville Projects on 129th Street and Amsterdam Ave!!!

Back then in Harlem we used to call them 54.11's!! I remember when I first moved to Harlem from BK and I was in culture shock! (circa 1985-that took a lot of counting!! WHEW!) I was a girly girl wearing lipgloss, skirts and kitten heels (Yes - as a tween I was fabulous!!)

But there was something about the way the tight jeans (a prerequisite) and the 54.11's looked together that lured me in!! I was hooked! I had them in Black, Red and White!! Now they are all in these pretty pastels (pink is my favorite..) but they have blue and lavender and green... Dag I feel like a kid again just looking at them... Maybe I will go and get my daughter a pair she is 12 now! They are 74.00 dollars though so I don't know....

But wait - then there were the Lottos!! With the the little velcro tabs you could switch up!! OMG!! Anybody remember those?? Man we where so hot you couldn't tell us anything!! My girlfriend who is still in Harlem told me that she sees this group of kids walking around trying to dress like we did in the 80's - She said "Girl they got the gear but they just ain't got the look!"