Spiritual Counseling
The spiritual counseling discussion this week made me wonder about my own spirituality. I have stopped attending church services and have been wondering what effect that is having on my daughter who is turning 13 this year. I had some inkling that it would effect her but didn’t realize that values resonated so deeply within ones religiosity. I always thought that right and wrong were taught to you outside of construct. I stopped going because I began to see past what the preacher was saying to the fact that he was preaching to a downtrodden spirit not in an uplifting teaching way and I have yet to find a Baptist church that does. My younger sister told me that if I had my daughter confirmed in her church (She is and elder in her Episcopalian church) I would have to take up the mantle of having her go to church weekly and making sure that her spiritual life developed and I don’t think I am up for that task. My daughter has expressed her wishes to become a Buddhist/Christian and I thought that was okay but where do I take her to practice that? She seems much farther along on the development scale (more like Indivduative –Reflective Faith stage) than her age belies. I hope that I will be able to assist other families in this manner. Will I even have to deal with spirituality in the school setting? I have more questions than answers. I do realize that my students who have gone to church regularly behaved a bit better than the others and I see perhaps there is a reason for this phenomenon.

What is it about being connected to the knowledge that you are not alone that grounds us as conscious beings. Is it because we are conscious of the fact that death happens to us and we cease to exist in the flesh that makes us concentrate (or fail to) on our spirituality? Have we made a supreme being up in our collective subconscious because we don't want to believe that "the end" is really the end?? I know for certain that there is nothing new under the sun and that there is a layer of gaseous material surrounding this planet... Is that heaven? Or is it all the sprits of all the ancestors going back in time infinity? Hmmm... I hope that they have made a place for me so that when I close my eyes the final time I will be welcomed back into the ether until my time to return...