White Hate Speaks

"I am just sick about Ron Paul and McCain all but being crowned the republican representative for president. The people in Washington are for McCain and Obama. The blacks are only for Obama (talk about racist) People with money vote for Obama. Poor people are for Hillary and I don't know what "rich" is so I guess I will be voting for her now that Ron's out of the picture. Wisconsin hasn't voted yet so I guess I can change. I'm not voting for Oprah's tit boy! And I will not vote for McCain in the fall. I think we can make a difference. So, like it or not,I think we should vote for Hillary. Another reason I can't vote for Obama is that he has close relationships with some pretty shady characters and the rich like him because he will probably give them more big tax breaks while we bust our butts making ends meet.

Sounds like African-americans will be expecting a monthly check after Obama becomes president and he gets a bill passed to give all blacks payments every month (not like they don't get the freebies now). I guess some people never get enough.

I wonder where these african-americans would be today if they had been left in Africa."
from a Maryland primary site

I read this and almost lost my natural black mind.

This is my response -

"If we had been left in Africa this country would be in shambles... lol You racists kill me. You built NOTHING! Black people invented and created all the things that make it possible for this country to run. From the stop light to the postal mail box you put your mail in every two weeks to pay your bills... lol You need to READ A BOOK ON HISTORY besides the one the racist educational system provided for you so that you would know more about the history of this country you call home... lol you are a fucking joke and I feel sorry for you and your ilk."

I don't know what to say to this type of attitude that is prevelant amongst whites in this country. It is a sad shame that they know so little about the history of this country as reality dictates it. They are so stuck on stupid it is frightening.

He made it seem as if we ASKED TO COME HERE!!


All of my ancestors at the bottom of the goddamn Atlantic ocean can attest to the fact that we were not begging to come to this god forsaken land. Shit, I am thinking about immigrating to Canada - lol. White skinned men have roamed the countries of the world conquering and claiming land that is not theirs and displacing people without regard for their livelihood, customs or ways of existing for a millinium. Spreading "christianity" like it replaces what people already believe God exists as in their lives.

I can go on and on but I am going to stop because I need to get my clothes ready for the Obama rally tommorrow - lol Si Se Puede!! YES WE CAN!!