Obama's Beating Hillary... Are You Afraid?

Do you think they'll lynch him?? Bascially 50 Cent said "if he wins "they" are gonna kill him...."

If this was back in the day, he wouldn't be allowed to say anything about her directly...

But if you notice in the media they are skewing the stories to favor Hillary Clinton. It really sucks the subtle ways they avoid saying his name without saying hers in a postive light. It is getting harder and harder for the media to do so though with his consistent wins...

That heifer Hillary couldn't even bring herself to congratulate Obama when he won...

What does that say about her character?

She is a sore loser and someone like that is qualified to run the country? She crys on demand for sympathy come on... For real I can't stand behind a woman who will do something like that.

I mean for real, fear is a serious thing it can make you do what you feel is more comfortable even if you know it isn't what you need - like staying with that man who ain't right to or for you, or in that job that you hate - just because you are comfortable. The Clintons are comfortable but are they not what we need.

I personally am not afraid but I see that fear motivates so many of people's decisions in life. I say fight through the fear and live love daily and start with your self...


  1. did you see the funny video of obama and clinto that's going around the blogosphere?

  2. with them dancing around like fools! uh yeah if that is the one... did you see the picture of hillary with a litle black girl who is looking at her like she is crazy without hillary's knowledge?? that is just how i feel about her!! LOL


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