Integration Discussion

What do you think? I borrowed this from another site "Aquababie" and I commented but the devil is always busy so it crashed before I could save it - lol

desegregation was one of the worst things that happened to black folk and our communities.

Do you support or reject this statement?

My friends and I talk about this topic every so often. It really defines a time when we were bamboozled again. The first time was slavery, the second when the white Republicans snatched our legislative power in the south in the 1880s, then there was this debaucle. We had more doctors, lawyers, homeowners and wealth in the 1950's when we recovered from the 1880s and sharecopping, than we do now.

We thought that we would be able to gain equal positions in their institutions (yeah right) and we thought that busing our children to thier schools would benefit them instead of getting the financing to build our own institutions and demanding funding for our own schools. I hope we have learned our lessons.