Hair, Hair and More Here - Wait! Am I My Hair???

I cut off all of my relaxed hair about two weeks after my birthday. It was shoulder length and pretty healthy except for around my hairline in the front which was breaking off really terribly.

I really wanted to go natural for the past few years but didn't have the nerve... Knowing me, I knew, the only way I would do it was if I did it all in one fell swoop and cut it all off so much to the fright of my family and some of my friends - I just did it!

They just didn't know how to look at me anymore.

It was a hit to my own self esteem in a way because I have always (since I began relaxing my hair) had a nice length (past shoulder length) which was, I see now, the envy of some people and what attracted some people to me as well!!

It made me think, "What about my sparkling personality? My beautiful eyes? My bright smile??" Not to mention all of my other beautiful attributes.

My daughter's father actually refused to look at me with the TWA!! He requested I wear a hat in his presence! The NERVE of him! LOLOLOLOLROFL!!

It wasn't growing as fast as I would have liked, so I was going to get it braided for a few months until I achieved the look I was aiming for, so he decided to pay for me to get it done so that he wouldn't have to look at it short!!

How crazy is that!??

It seemed crazy to me but it worked in my favor so I was all too happy to let it go down.

It just lets me know that image is everything and once people have you pegged, when you step out of that box, it confounds thier perception of you which, is why it pays to have a STRONG SENSE OF SELF.

That way, even when everyone around you is confused about who you are...



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