Michael Baisden

I listened to his show today and he had Iyanla on talking about black love and relationships and she said some thing about how we get involved with someone that is our mirrior image so that we can heal each other and be complete. I kind of feel like that is where he and I are with each other.

We still have work to do with each other's spirits so we are not yet able to let go. We talked on Mother's Day until 3 in the morning and couldn't even get to sleep until we made love just one more time..

We cried and laughed and discussed parts of our past, present and future I don't think either of us had shared with another person before. I know this man is not mine (or is he??) but Lord, I feel like the bond we have is unmistakably real and genuine in so many ways, I am not sure how it will feel when we have to part ways and not share like this anymore.

I feel like it will be a tearing in the heavens and a rip in the solar system, leaving all the stars exposed to the reality of a black hole that absorbs all light leaving nothing in its in wake.

We will both have to start from "let there be light" to breathe again.


  1. i totally believe in that idea of 'finding someone who's the mirror so that we can heal them' theory. i recently found myself attracted to someone who for all intents and purposes, was just like me. then i realized he had all my faults, too. it was then i realized we wouldn't be good for each other.

  2. Yeah, I realized that he has all of my faults but they were like 100 times proof mine. I think that God was trying to show me what I could become or where I was headed if I didn't change.

  3. I listened to Michael Baisden's (the bad boy - I said it yes I did!) show every weekday while I was in NJ on holiday a couple of years ago and it was quite hilarious. Is there anyway I can listen to him on the internet?


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