Why Blog?

My mother recently asked me this. Why do you blog? Can other people read it? Once you give them the address they can access it any time right? I was kind of perplexed at first then I remembered that my mother is not really technologically advanced, then though I realized that she is right. This is kind of exhibitionist. I am airing my private thoughts in an arena that is accessible by not only those I give my address to, but also those who stumble across it in cyber space inadvertently.

SO little girl, WHY DO YOU BLOG??

There are many reasons:
  • writing excites me
  • i am somewhat obsessed
  • i am able to express my self easier with words on page than spoken aloud
  • it is a stream of consciousness that is easily accessible for backtracking my where abouts mentally
  • i am an exhibitionist at heart (ask my ex. lol)
  • i am a serious punk
  • writing is difficult for me right now with my hand being injured
  • i am on the computer more than i have time to actually get out my journal and write

I could go on but I fear it might get tedious. *wink*smirk*smile*

I do feel like I am losing my writing spontaneity but that is more due to my injury than my blog obsession. I used to be able to pull out my little black moleskin book and jot down my random thoughts that would then morph into beautiful poetry but alas... now i have to type it one-handed!