Thought I Needed a Larenz Tate...

Ever been in a long distance relationship? Thought you could do it? Well, just like Kanye said,"Couldn't keep it at home, thought I needed a Nia Long..." I just found out first hand what that really means. I just moved back to B-more and have been in touch physically and by phone with this man so I just knew it all good.... I thought I needed to keep this man in my back pocket not only because I loved him so much but we had history and so much in common I thought we could survive the time and distance that TFA put between us for those 2 short years, but I was wrong.

I watched my other fellow TFA'ers get engaged and married to their far off beaus and I just knew that when I got back, it would be back to business as usual and our relationship would progress to the 4 year mark with out a hitch. I guess people just don't believe you when you say you're coming back anymore or in reality they just can't wait and commuting becomes a hassle so like my girl Res says, it became a "100 mile situation"... I feel sad, but I can't fault him for moving on. I want to be a selfish, angry bi!ch and pressure him to leave his current relationship but that would be me - becoming a woman that I despise, so I have to be unselfish and demonstrate how much I love him by letting him go. Like Kanye said "you're gonna touch the sky babigurl...." and I am, just not with this man by my side.