:Pensive reflection or contemplation.
:An emotional state characterized by sullenness and outbreaks of violent anger...

Hmmm, I suppose that fits the bill. Everyone I talk to lately has been saying that I sound down. Like jump off a bridge down... Well, I am. (Not quite the bridge action yet) No, I am not my usual exuberant self; the happy-go-lucky and optimistic Faye-Faye and it may be making some people uncomfortable, but GodDAMmIT! That is where I am right now! My man don't love me anymore, my job ain't payin' me and to top it all off - Christmas is CANCELLED.

Even in that though, I am blessed - maybe he wasn't right for me anyway, I know I need another damn job anyway (LOL), & Christmas sucks anyway - Kwanza is sooo much better!!

On a brighter note, I am feeling like writing. I am feeling like working on my book project. I am feeling like being supportive and being happy (just not able to act on that one just yet - but I am feeling like it!). Empowering myself and loving myself are now my main objectives so I am off to do so!