I am so down on love. Period. It is a word like the foulest of the foul ever uttered by human lips. Especially when it is carelessly blurted by someone who doesn't even understand the ramifications of its utterance. When one seeks to use and or abuse based on another's love for them - it tarnishes the very meaning of it.

And my love is tarnished. Blackened and type nasty. Maybe I should become jaded; rock hard and green with envy for those whose love seems sweet. But then I wouldn't be ready for my king when he arrives or reappears... Whichever. I must admit though - those who use love as a weapon of destruction are clever. If you are in love with love itself - it is easy to miss the clues they leave behind; their self doubt and the blame they lay in your lap for their misdeeds...

You ever just wanna hate someone SOOOOOOOO badly but couldn't accomplish it to save your life? You love them in spite of themselves and despite your good sense. You ever feel like being "down in hell" with someone? That is the four letter word type of love.