What can one do when their rights are slowly being eroded away? First, they have to notice.

These days, rights are siphoned away while you are preoccupied with the rising body count in Iraq... Or maybe the rising gas prices at your neighborhoood pumps... Or perhaps the simple to do list that grows exponentially in the Holiday season.

If you miss the 20 minute broadcast of a simpleton's dim-witted explanations of war on nations supposedly freed, while shopping or watching your favorites on TV, don't expect to see an announcement of your constitutional right to privacy being taken away as the next day's HEADLINE - You just missed out.

If your friends and family are not only too engrossed in everyday life, but just don't read the fine printed side lines, they won't tell you cause they don't know...

Hopefully, one day, we will all stand up and take notice of the backwards turn our country is taking in regards to our rights before we no longer have the right to assemble and discuss them.

slowly eroding
my rights to be me
first speaking
then privacy...
i find myself losing
the ability to see
the changes and re-arranges
my world is taking -
shaking the foundation
of my being