10 Things to do in 2006
[Thing to Finish] My book.
[Thing to Start] Saving more money.
[Thing to End] My longing.
[Thing to Love] Myself.
[Thing to Hate] Nothing. It takes to much energy.

[Thing to Do] Travel to see family and friends.
[Thing to Contemplate] The re-birth of love.
[Thing to Discuss] The erosion of our rights.
[Thing to Avoid] Blaming anyone for anything in my circumstance.
[Thing to Practice] Pilates more often

9 Currents
[Current Feelings] Determined
[Current hairstyle] All over the place - half blown out and half not (you figure it out!)
[Current Windows Open] Patio door

[Current Drink] Mimosa
[Current Time] 3:41
[Current Mobile(s) Used ] T-Mobile
[Current Show on TV] Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (my daughter is watching the marathon)

[Current Thought] It is going to be a BLESSED year!
[Current Clothes] "Pink" pink cotton nightie and cropped pj pants

8 Firsts
[First Nickname] Sho-Sho My Cousin/Auntie Michele (RIP) started calling me that when I was a baby

[First Kiss] My girlfriend Rochelle (yeah-yeah, I was 8 and practicing....)
[First Crush] Mike ?? from JHS 43
[First Time] I was 15 and 362 days old I was trying to hold out for 16 but after 2 whole years of making out with my first boyfriend, I couldn't take it anymore! (we were together 4 years too!)

[First Job] Cashier at D'agostino's Market on Broadway 76th Street
[First Movie I watched] UH Can't really say but I do recall cutting school in J.H. and going to see Eddie Murphy RAW
[First Pet] Miss Kitty

[First Shave] Can't recall...

7 Lasts
[Last Chai] Last week Thursday; tried a new brand - Celestial Seasonings...

[Last Movie] Zathura
[Last Time I Drove] About 15 minutes ago
[Last Time Shaved] I don't shave, I wax!
[Last Web Site Visited] aquababies
[Last Software Installed] SpySweeper
[Last Pill I Had] 800 milligram IB

6 Have You Evers
[Have You Ever Broken the Law]
[Have You Ever Been Drunk] That would be yes...
[Have You Ever Climbed a Tree] Hell Yeah! Prospect Park like a mugg!
[Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know] Don't think so... but I have been drunk....
[Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast?] Uh Duh! Harlem World raised and Brooklyn born!
[Have You Ever Broken Anyones Heart] Yes, I think I am paying for it now.

5 Things
[Things You Can Hear Right Now] My wind chimes
[Things on Your Computer Table] Computer Table? What don't I have on my computer table??

[Things in Mind] MONEY!!! Which bites!
[Things you want to say to her/him] Fuck you, I love you, I hate you, Please stay away from me, Please don't go.

[Things in Your Pocket/Purse] Keys, lip gloss and moisturizer, wallet and everything but the kitchen damn sink!

4 Places You Have Been Today - Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Couch

3 People You Can Tell Anything To - God, my bestfriend and the ancestors

2 Choices
[Black or White] BLACK, of course!
[Hot or Cold] Cayenne pepper baby...

1 Thing You Want To Do Before You Die - Go to the birthplace of all of my ancestors Scotland/Wales, Somewhere here in America (the place of my tribe), Africa...