Never Lose Sight of Your Dreams

In response to one of the comments from a friend of mine about the fact that people in impoverished situations lose thier ability to see past thier current struggle financially to dream. Or if they do the fear of failure stops them from the pursuit of that dream. I realized that that is also the problem I am faced with daily, but I instead choose to strive toward my dreams of becoming a published poet, an established jewelry maker etc... It really gets my gall to see faces that look like mine that have lost hope... I actually had a poem up here that I took down because I felt it may have been unrelated but it was speaking to this vein of thought exactly---


Hollow, I
fill myself constantly
with things and people and places to go...

(you have to catch me at your local open mic for the rest of that masterpiece...)

I was stuck in my writing because I had lost faith in my ability as well as faith in the universe rooting for me to be successful. One of my students, from the high school I taught at, e-mailed me like "Ms. Wallace, what's up with your book??" and I realized that I not only inspired them to dream, but my success shows them that they too can succeed... MAYUN its a beautiful thing!!