I got a phone call from a guy I "dated" a while back. We hadn't been in touch in a while (almost 3 years) and it seemed that perhaps we would take another shot at getting to know each other. Little did I know - He has a live in situation with a three year old!!!!!!! I was shocked and appalled that he would think that I would be interested in getting involved with him on those terms. When I immediately shot his little fantasy down, I could tell he was crushed and immediately thought it had something to do with his performance... Baby, for real, get a clue. I wouldn't care if you made me faint, see stars and call on the Lord, it couldn't entice me to encroach on another woman's territory. Period.

I guess he wasn't use to getting that response (although he swore that this was the first time he attempted to venture outside of his relationship - yeah right) because he insisted that we had this chemistry that couldn't be denied... LMAO!! .

I just hope that there are some men out there that are sincerely unattached and willing to be honest with not only me, but themselves... 'Cause although a sista is looking, she is not willing to compromise her ethics and/or morals for a man.

Plus, Karma is a bitch in Manolo Blahnik high heels
waiting to step on your dreams if you put it out there like that.... It makes me wonder though, how many women are willing to settle for a piece of a man. How many women devalue themselves as being worthy of a love of their own? Damn, it must be many many women out there that will do that and it means that we not only disrespect ourselves but each other... Where is the sisterhood ladies? We can do better. I have never laid eyes on this man's woman but it doesn't matter, I knowof women who have slept with their best friend's man!! Was it worth it? And if he does it to her, won't he do it to you? What really makes you different?

Maybe it's because I am older and wiser but I can spot a man who is not being real with himself from a mile away and if he can't be real with himself, how can be be real with me??? (or you??)
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  1. Hey girlie, it's none other than MissJ :) welcome to the bloggerhood!! You got me here laughing at your posts about things I've been dealing with myself.

    Glad you walked away from that situation, not even looking back. Be glad he was at least upfront with you, because in a similar situation it wasn't until after I began getting attached that I learned of his living situation.

    Keep posting!

  2. Yeah, I am blessed I guess that he was honest but I am ahonest so I I believe that the universe brings us at least a mirror of ourselves in some respects. Maybe I need to check myself on the level of involvement I have with other men in my life

  3. girl, dont i know that men are tryphlin'. props to you though for keeping your integrity and not stooping down to that level. so many women (desperate ones in my view) would have heard his situation and would have let it conveniently slip right out of their database (selective memory, you know), thinking that they can change the situation, or that they can deal with it, or try to justify his cheating on this woman. too many times, us black women settle for the bullsh*t our black men throw at us, getting all wrapped up in the situation, not even giving ourselves the opportunity to find a better situation for ourselves. so big ups to you my sista girl. you been there, done that anyway, and you should know that you ain't missing out on too much.

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  5. girl, don't i know that men are surely tryphlin'. i'm glad that you stood your ground though and maintained your integrity. so many women would have conveniently disregarded the fact that he's involved with someone else(selective memory, you know) so sad..... too many times, we black women just accept these men and their bullsh*t. convincing ourselves that we can "handle it" or that things will get better, or even try to justify their cheating. not even giving ourselves the opportunity to find a better situation for ourselves, you know. but i'm glad that you rose above all that. plus you've already been there, done that. you ain't really missing too much that you ain't already had , except the drama!!! and who needs all that?? so, much props to you my sistah girl. have a good one. god bless.

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    This is awesome. I have to forward this.


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