Going "Home"

It always seems gravy when you head out and initially get back home to Momma, but then, you realize why you left in the first place!! Now, for some men it is essentially different, but for girl-children, it is a totally different dynamic. Mamma's have this thing with their sons that is different from that thing with their daughters. You know the age old adage "mother's raise their daughters and love their sons", well the raising can sometimes lead to raising a little hell! I cannot lie, I love my Momma like cooked food (and I am a greedy little something!) but she grates on my nerves after about 60 hours 30 minutes and YES, I have the time down to the minute cause it gets just that damn serious! I grew up in a household with 4 girls! Can you imagine the CHAOS!! Between clothes, shoes and the bathroom, there was NEVER any peace. And on the Holidays there isn't any either. Between who is cooking what, what sides go with what, who is invited and who wasn't and better not show up, to who was invited and didn't show up... It gets a little hectic....

The older two, myself included, have moved out on our own and actually to different states, one closer than me. The younger two still reside at home but, the older of those is 22 and is chomping at the bit to be on her own. As women, we leave our mother's homes to start our own households and families. The way we do things may be exteremely different or it may be very similar, either way, it is NEVER exactly the same. This can sometimes be the source of the friction but in most cases, it is the fact that you are now a grown up and it is hard for your parents to acknowledge that simple fact. But it is even harder for you to "toe the line" in knowing what to do and say that doesn't disrespect them but lets them know your boundaries.

As I said before, we all want to go home to worship at our mother's tables, but sometimes
you just want to leave before bedtime. Not only because you don't want to pop anybody upside the head for staring too hard at your fiancee/girlfriend/boyfriend, or curse out the drunk uncle who leers at your best friend and says "lets go into the kitchen" suggestively, or get into it with Momma over you having another glass of wine, just because... Sometimes... You miss your own bed.


  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    When the hell did you get to NY-- I thought you were in Philly? I see your coming back though, welcome back! Come thrru my blog www.tif.everythingsoul.com it's interesting to read here and get a glimpse of where you been.

  2. WOW the almighty ATIF SALAAM of POETOLOGY! I guess I am back huh? I miss our little tete a tetes about about the state of poetry in B-more and the world at large... Yeah, I am back and ready to start up some stuff...


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